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We offer on-site visit and consultation with no obligation on your side.

Meeting the specific needs of the client and the specifics of work allow us to offer the most optimal option or storage rack system equipment.


On stage design we prepare conseptual project with drawings and price quote with no obligation on your part.

Specific projects are being prepared jointly with the design departments of the factory.

Our goal is drafting fully comply with customer needs, efficient use of space racks for the best possible organization ofwork in warehousing.


Building shelves structures is performed by an experienced team certified in the UK, acquired practical experience in installation of racking structures in Europe.

This ensures quick and quality installation, meeting the safety requirements.

Service and inspectionsСервиз и инспекции

Under the European directive EN 15635 is recommended by 6 /six/ months after completion of installation an inspection of the rack structure.
Then regular inspections during a period of 12 months are recommended.

Our company carries out such inspections of racking structures delivered and installed by us.

Managment software

The company offers software for warehouse management - ready solutions with a wide range of application and development of individual projectsaccordance with the specifics of the site.

Modernisation of existing and developing new management systems.
Modular and integrated systems, industrial automation.

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